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Could Ants Revolutionize Organic Pest Management?

For organic gardeners, farmers, and foresters in North America, utilizing predatory ants to control insect outbreaks is one of the most promising strategies that has been almost completely untested. Finding the right predatory ants for each bioregion could revolutionize pest control, and offer a far more sustainable and inexpensive way to manage crops and timber products.

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A Visit to the Fabled Adelgid-Resistant Hemlock Grove

Within a few minutes we entered something I never thought I would see in my life: a healthy grove of eastern hemlock trees. Their dark, glossy boughs cast a deep shade over native ferns, mosses, and orchids - a far cry from the dead and dying hemlocks we are accustomed to seeing throughout the rest of Appalachia. This was a truly sacred place - a natural repository of the genetics that could save this entire species from extinction.

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Exploring North America's Oldest Food Forest

Anyone who cares about our ability to grow food in the next 100 years should know about this place. The oldest food forest in North America shows us both where we have come from, and where we need to go if we want to thrive in an uncertain future.

If we want to create an abundant perennial agricultural system for our region that requires almost no maintenance and can withstand the worst projections for climate change in the next century, these trees are the answer.

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