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The Incredible Potential of Non-Invasive English Ivy

English ivy can be a powerful new tool for organic orchardists, a vital nectar source in autumn for native pollinators, a natural means of lowering mosquito populations, and a useful medicine for herbalists. Wild-harvested is always best, but if you must plant it, the only responsible choice is the non-invasive sterile variety ‘Woerneri’.

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A Visit to the Fabled Adelgid-Resistant Hemlock Grove

Within a few minutes we entered something I never thought I would see in my life: a healthy grove of eastern hemlock trees. Their dark, glossy boughs cast a deep shade over native ferns, mosses, and orchids - a far cry from the dead and dying hemlocks we are accustomed to seeing throughout the rest of Appalachia. This was a truly sacred place - a natural repository of the genetics that could save this entire species from extinction.

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The Future of American Wine is Native

For three centuries North American native grapes and their hybrids have proven to be some of the best that can be grown here. In a time when farming practices can make or break an ecosystem, using varieties that don’t require harsh chemicals is more important than ever. As for quality, modern American vintners across the country are proving that award-winning wines can be produced from our own grapes.

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